Incredible Time-lapse Shows Off the Secret World of Corals


Lets be honest, corals can appear a little stagnant to the naked eye. I’ve often had guests over wondering if my reef was in fact full of fakes! As we hobbyist know, sitting and watching a reef tank reveals a great complexity of life and behaviour, but some people just don’t have time for this. Enter Italian filmmaker and documentarist Sandro Bocci, who has created a beautiful time-lapse video showing the lives of some coral, revealing all the changes in shape an appearance a coral goes through in a typical day, which may not otherwise be able to be observed by the naked eye.

The video below is a clip taken from his upcoming documentary entitled “an experimental film orbiting scientific and philosophical reflections on time and space, and that through various shooting techniques, fields of magnification, and an exciting soundtrack, weaves a web between science and magic”, catchy! To be fair that is a literal translation from Italian, but still, a lengthy title nonetheless. Regardless, the video below is extraordinary. Additonal stills for your viewing pleasure can be found here. Music by Maurizio Morganti. (via Vimeo Staff Picks,Coudal)