I set this bl10446650_10152243180937734_415889185523738709_nog up as a place for me to talk about the thing that interests me the most, the ocean! Hopefully it can be a place for people to catch up on any ocean related topics that they might find interesting, and to share with me the stories I post about the wonders beneath the waves. I will cover all sorts from general scientific research, to conservation and random ocean related videos I find amusing and interesting.

I currently work at the University of Bristol as a post doc. My research revolves around bioacoustics, specifically the acoustic ecology of echolocating bats and their favourite prey, moths! My previous research focused on the biomechanics of jet propulsion, the choice of locomotion for many species including squid, jellyfish and scallops. Outside of research I enjoy everything fishy, I like keeping up to date with the latest breakthroughs in marine science and conservation, keeping myself well informed on all the goings on under the sea. I also enjoy reef keeping as a hobby. I do enjoy things not involving the sea though, with football, motor sports and swimming other passions of mine.